American Legion
Auxiliary History

1919 — The American Legion Auxiliary is first established to support The American Legion.

1921 — The first National Convention convenes in Kansas City, MO. The Poppy of Flanders Field becomes the memorial flower of the Auxiliary.

1925 — The Auxiliary moves its National Headquarters to the War Memorial Plaza in Indianapolis, IN.

1927 — It is decided that only veteran-made poppies will be distributed by the Auxiliary.

1934 — The Auxiliary establishes Junior membership.

1936 — The American Legion Auxiliary's Bulletin becomes the National News.

1937 — The Girls State program is created.

1944 — The Auxiliary's program for the rehabilitation of disabled veterans is created.

1947 — The first Girls Nation is held in Washington, DC.

1950 — The first Golden Press/Golden Mike media awards are presented.

1953 — The first Women's Fourum on National Security convenes in Washington.

1970 — The Auxiliary Emergency Fund is established.

1972 — Cavalcade of Memories is established at National Headquarters.

1979 — President Carter signs a bill extending Legion eligibility to Vietnam-era veterans.

1980 — The first Awareness Assembly is held in Washington, DC, replacing The Women's Forum.

1988 — Heart of America Awards are initiated, replacing the Golden Press/Golden Mike Awards.

1990 — Eligibility is extended to veterans of Grenada, Lebanon, and Panama.

1992 — Eligibility is extended to veterans of the Persian Gulf hostilities.

1995 — The 50th session of Girls Nation is celebrated.

2000 — The American Legion Auxiliary celebrates it 80th year.

2001 — The American Legion Auxiliary becomes a host sponsor of the Department of National Veterans Creative Arts Festival.

2002 — In response to the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001, Auxiliary members donated nearly $100,000 to various relief efforts.

2003 — American Legion Auxiliary members respond to the wartime deployment of U.S. Troops overseas in "Operation Iraqi Freedom".

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