SAL Squadron 111 History

Squadron 111 applied for a charter on June 25, 1995 and was located at Redbird Airport in Dallas, Texas. The application was approved on August 17, 1995. Charter members included: Harold E. Horton, Sr., Michael Maples, Tristan K. Poplin, Ronald S. Manning, Jr., Larry D. Oliver, Jeffrey A. LeJune, Howard W. Wade, John W. Downs, Tod O. Dixon, John H. Redding, Jeffrey Phillip Twist, Robert S. Buckovan, Jim D. Duncan, Randay W. Adams, Jason Poplin, Brent A. Splawn, Christopher L. Cain, Josh L. Cain, Harold Edward Horton, Jr., Cody Jason Oliver, Justin R. Moehlenkemp, Larry Alan Dunn, James H. Pipkip, Robert R. Colopy, Bryan Wesley Hargrove, Scott Anthony Hargrove, Bobby Carlisle, Ken E. McKenzie, Nolan Strahan and Steven Horton. The Squadron 111 Charter was signed on August 27, 1995.


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